Combat Conditioning – How To Get Ripped Using Only Your Body Weight

A series of high intensity exercises done primarily with the aid of your body weight is called as combat conditioning. These exercises involve doing a multiple number of sit ups and other physically intense exercises using no additional equipment but simply your own weight.

There are many advantages to following a weight program that is based on combat conditioning. For starters, you are not investing much money in doing these exercises – it is probably the cheapest way to do your exercises.

The exercises in this kind of method focus on overall physical development. In addition to being intensive, they are also known to be highly effective and require a lot of effort to get the job done.

These exercises are not like the typical over hyped exercises that are advertised in the media. They are not in mainstream because it is not designed for weight loss as a primary goal; it is one of the side benefits.

The main advantage, however, is the fact that you get an army ready body that is tuned to handle some harsh environments.

The exercises stress on the fitness factor and encourage you to use your body weight to get fit in the end. This gives the flexibility while at the same time condition your body. Thus, there are dual advantages to doing these exercises.

Additionally, you need to increase the intensity of your workout when you are following one of these programs.

This is important because if your body is accustomed to the same exercise levels then there will not be any muscle growth and consequently, your body will stay the same.

If you do your research, you will come across a number of programs that are based on combat conditioning.

P90X is one such program which is known to use these techniques. Consider following them if strength training is one of your objectives.

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