Starting An Exercise Program

You know you need to exercise but have no idea how to start. What exercises will work the best for you? How much physical movement do you need? How do you find the time in your busy schedule to start an exercise routine?

If you have been inactive for a long time, consult with your doctor before you attempt any exercise program. Set a practical, sensible goal, one that is reachable for you. If you cannot exercise every day, do not worry, any physical movement is better than none and will benefit your body.


How much exercise is reasonable and how much do you need? A good goal for most people is to exercise at least every other day and spend at least 30-60 minutes doing it. However, if you are just starting out, DO NOT attempt 30-60 minutes.


Start out slowly! You cannot expect to easily workout for 60 minutes if you have lived a sedentary lifestyle for a long time. Begin with 10 minutes of light exercise or vigorous walking every day and gradually increase the intensity and length of your workout.


During the course of your day, there are a number of tricky ways to incorporate some exercise into your routine.

*Walk or bicycle to work.

*Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

*Take a walk on your lunch or coffee break.

*Get up and walk around your desk or office every 30 minutes.

*Do your housework at a rapid pace.

*Do yard or garden work (raking, mowing, tilling, planting, etc.)


How do you keep from getting bored and frustrated with your exercise routine? The tips below may help you stick with it:

*Make your exercising more fun by incorporating some enjoyable activities into your routine. Read, watch TV, or listen to music while you are riding a stationary bicycle.

*Learn how to dance.

*Learn how to play a sport.

*Choose something you take pleasure in doing. For instance, roller skating or inline staking is excellent exercise and a lot of fun.

*If you decide to walk every day, find a partner to go with you. Having someone to talk to can make the time go faster and make the experience more enjoyable all around.

*Change your routine. If you get bored easily, do different activities on different days. Walk one day, ride your bike the next day. Play basketball one day, dance the next day. You get the idea.

*Choose a time of the day that works best for you. Do not exercise too soon after eating.

*Try not to get discouraged. It can take weeks before you notice changes in your body. It will happen and it will benefit your body in so many ways.

Remember, do not give up. The key to beginning a successful exercise program is to start slowly and sensibly. Try to find creative and appealing ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine.