How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time – My Top 3 Tips For Advanced Level Bodybuilders

These are my top three tips for advanced level bodybuilders, who are looking to breakthrough to the next level of bodybuilding. This article uncovers the principles, which you need to follow in order to breakthrough. Follow these principles closely and with persistence and you simply can’t go wrong!

Tip No1: Workout 2 times every week:

The more advanced bodybuilder you become, the more you build your muscular structure. The more well-built you are, the more you need to challenge your body. The more you challenge your body, the more rest you need to take between workouts.

Therefore, at the advanced level you need to give your body 2-3 days of rest between workouts. Therefore, it would be nest if you set two days in the week, in which you do your routine every week. For example, you can exercise every Monday and Thursday, thus having 2 days of rest on the weekend and 2 days of rest midweek. This amount of rest should give your body sufficient time to rebuild itself, and at the same time it would not be too long.

Tip No2: Alternate between two diverse workout routines:

If you have read my articles on the beginner and intermediate levels, alternation between two diverse workout routines is the common thing in all of these routines. It is really important to alternate between two routines to give your body some variety and to challenge it in the proper way.

The difference between the advanced level diverse routines and those of the previous levels is that these routines constitute of a lesser number of exercises – 8 and again have 1 sets of each with 8-10 repetitions. The idea here is that since the intensity of the exercises is going up, then you can not do as many as before. You can see the gradation for yourselves – we started with 12 exercises at the beginner level, went down to 10 at the intermediate level and are now at 8 at the advanced level.

Tip No3: Alternate between the two routines for 12 consecutive weeks:

We said it already in the intermediate level advise, but in case you have missed it – consistency is key here! So, after you start the advanced level routine, you need to go with it for at least 12 consecutive weeks. Just do it!

Consistency is key, and that is for a good reason. The goal of this alternating between the two routines is to give your body variety, but to do so in a directed manner. In other words, you should not put your own routines in the mix, but go with the ones that are suggested here. As in the intermediate level, you should start with legs, then go through the upper body and arms and finish off with calves and abdominals. Follow this system closely for 12 weeks, push your body to the limit, and then you should have some good results to show off!

These were my top 3 tips on how to breakthrough at the highest level – the advanced level. As with the beginner and intermediate levels we covered before, consistency is key here. What is distinct in the advanced level is the growing intensity and reduced frequency of the exercises. Of course, there are more details to this system, which could not be covered in a simple article, but those details are discussed in the proper book, a review for which you can find on my website. Otherwise, enjoy exercising!