Ways To Use Essential Oils For Better Results When You Exercise

Everyone knows you need to be well hydrated to maintain your health.

When you exercise it is especially important to drink more water for your body to function optimally. Dehydration can occur when you are not getting enough water into your body and bloodstream. Dehydration can lead to many bothersome, and even dangerous side effects.

Unfortunately many people get bored drinking plain water and chose instead to drink sugary or diet drinks. What they don?t realize is that these types of drinks aren?t absorbed by your body as well as pure water and can actually cause dehydration.

A healthy way to add taste to water is to add a few drops of food grade Essential Oils to purified water.

If you enjoy the flavor of mint, try adding a few drops of Spearmint or Wintergreen Essential Oil to purified water. They both create a minty, refreshing flavored drink that helps to energize your mind and body. Adding Peppermint Oil to cold or hot water is a great choice to help you feel alert and energized. All mint-flavored waters can aid digestion or relieve a nervous stomach.

Adding Lemon oil to purified water is very refreshing and can aid to stabilize your PH, making an exercise routine more effective for reaching your goal, whether it be losing weight, gaining speed or building muscles.

You can create a healthy snack that will give you energy by adding a drop or two of food grade Essential Oils to honey and spread it on a toasted piece of whole grain bread. Try adding Lemon, Tangerine or Orange Oil to honey and enjoy.

Honey is known for its amazing healing properties. Because it contains 100% natural sugars and is high in antioxidants, using honey as a sweetener is a healthy and effective way to give you an energy boost.

Aromatherapy can help us to get into the right frame of mind for work or play, which helps us to get the most out of the time we have for each experience. By diffusing therapeutic grade Essential Oils in the space you exercise or when you are preparing for a work out it makes it possible to find emotional stability and peace of mind, while experiencing high energy and feeling motivated. When you have more energy and are less stressed you find you enjoy exercising more and look forward to it as enjoyable, rather than something you ?have: to do.

If you experience stiff muscles after a strenuous workout, or feel muscle tension anywhere in your body before you exercise, you can use Essential Oils to relieve that pain.

You can create a massage oil or cream that is specifically suited to your body?s needs. A good carrier oil is olive oil or you can use a natural body lotion that has no added scents or chemicals.

Creating a massage oil using Peppermint, Basil or Wintergreen Oil to sooth stiff muscles or help loosen up your joints before you begin to exercise. Try using Pine, Lemongrass or Lavender Oil in your massage lotion to help relax tight muscles or relieve a charley horse.

Using a carrier oil allows you to use less of an Essential Oil and aids in the absorption of the oil into the blood stream for faster results.

Stiff muscles may be a sign that you need to be more hydrated. So remember the first tip and drink plenty of pure water before, during and after any period of time that you exercise.

If bruise yourself when exercising, you can use Essential Oils to avoid excess blood clotting, increase circulation and reduce inflammation.

At the first sign of a bruised area on the skin or pain in the bruised area you can apply one of the following Essential Oils diluted in a carrier oil. Helichrysum, Wintergreen, Douglas Fir, Idaho Balsam Fir, or Oregano all help to reduce inflammation that causes discoloration and pain.

When the pain and inflammation decrease, use Cypress, then Basil to enhance muscle relaxation. Other oils that have anti-inflammation properties are Spearmint, German Chamomile, Myrrh, Wintergreen, Marjoram and Clove.

Next use a diluted Peppermint oil to stimulate the nerves and increase circulation to help reduce inflammation.

Use a cold pack, never a hot pack, when you are dealing with inflammation and pain caused by a bruise.

Always remember that EVERY BODY is different and our bodies react differently to different things. Please consult your primary care doctor before integrating Essential Oils into your healing path.

Is Exercise A Dirty Word?

We all know that exercising is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. we do it? What if you could give yourself permission to start small in your exercising still feel good about yourself?

Exercise is essentially movement using various muscle groups. By this definition, almost any sort of activity can be considered exercise. The more your muscles and body work to keep going, the stronger they become.

There are many benefits to exercising, such as increased energy, weight loss, and even reducing the risk diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

Before you begin any new exercise regimen, it is very important that you consult your doctor, start out slowly and increase your regimen in simple steps.

Start Exercising Slowly

Leading a healthy lifestyle means eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. What do you do if exercise is that one thing that you can’t bring yourself to follow through with on a regular basis? We lead busy lives and can always find a reason or two not to exercise. What if you allow yourself to start slowly? Think about these easy steps:

-Take an extra flight of stairs instead of the elevator.

-Instead of priding yourself in finding the closest parking spot, cheer yourself when you park a little further away and walk to your destination.

-Walk in place or do some stretching in front of the TV during commercials.

-Every hour or two, stop work and do some stretching.

-Reduce emails and phone calls and take a walk to speak with a co-worker.

-Walk around the block after lunch – this simple act will make a difference in your level of energy throughout the afternoon.

-Turn cleaning the house into an exercise experience.

create your own list of ‘muscle movements’ throughout the keep it simple.

Different Types of Exercising

If you are ready to start a formal fitness program in your life, find an activity that you enjoy doing. Don’t choose an exercise program because everyone else in doing it. If you hate lifting weights or walking on the treadmill, find something that you love to do that gets you up and moving. You’ll be far more successful if you like the activity.

There are different types of exercise including running, biking, aerobic classes, yoga, and walking. The best strategy for incorporating beneficial exercise into your lifestyle is to do a variety of exercises. For instance, a good exercise regimen will include both cardio (biking, swimming, running) with weight training.

How about Pilates? This form of exercising is low impact and gentle on the body. Pilates often focuses on the “core” muscles that are around your midsection. Pilates aims to tone and strengthen the body’s muscles.

Another option to get you moving is to join a sports team. There are many types of sports that you can choose to play depending on your interests: basketball, soccer, volleyball, bowling, or baseball.

Group exercises are another choice that you can make when it comes to getting in your weekly quota of physical fitness. Some popular choices of group exercises include belly dancing, kickboxing, hip-hop dance, and all levels of step classes. When you exercise with a group of people you’re often more motivated to keep going since being part of a group with the similar goal of getting in shape is a powerful incentive.

There are specific Chinese forms of exercise that you may want to explore:

-T’ai Chi. This form of Chinese exercise uses movement to achieve peace and harmony in your mind and body. -Yoga. Yoga uses certain body postures to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and relieve the physical symptoms of ill health.

-Martial arts. Use a variety of marital arts, such as Kung Fu, to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

-Qi Gong. This form of Chinese activity combines breathing exercises and mental exercises to prevent as well as treat health problems and disease.

Final Thoughts

One mistake that many people make when they’re deciding to get into shape is to tackle the entire concept of “fitness” at one time. Incorporating fitness into your life takes time and won’t happen overnight. Your body, mind, and spirit need time to adjust to the many changes that will be happening as you start to add exercise to your daily routine. This is why fitness in small steps is so important and will ensure that you’re less likely to quit when you become overwhelmed with the changes in your life.

Exercise is essential if you’re going to lead and maintain a healthy life. Select your favorite form of exercise and stick with it so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and mind.

Copyright (c) 2008 Pat Brill

How To Lose Weight With Green Tea

Lately, there has been a lot of talk regarding the many health benefits of green tea. Some of the current discussion has focused on taking green tea supplements to lose weight. There are a lot of stories that this compound is very useful in helping with weight loss, due to its naturally occurring properties.

Green tea, scientifically known as Camellia Sinesis, is a plant that was originally indigenous to sections of East Asia. Today, however, green tea is cultivated in many different continents of the world, and is drunk by individuals for many different purposes. People in China and India have long used green tea as method to normalize blood sugar, as a diuretic, and to help heal wounds. Green tea has also been used to help with digestion, and to control body temperature.

The main reason people use green tea for weight loss is due to the natural compounds in the tea: EGCG and caffeine. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is an antioxidant that helps to promote thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis is a process that converts calories into body heat, which enables the body to use stored body fat. Green tea is thought to make this process happen faster, so calories are burned faster, resulting in less fat storage in the body.

The second main compound in green tea is caffeine. Caffeine is also known to promote the process of thermogenesis. These two components then combine to help the body boost the metabolism to burn a greater amount of calories.

There has also been a bit of research that suggests green tea can help the body in stopping the absorption of fat calories contained in some types of food. It may also work to regulate the appetite by regulating blood sugar levels as well. All of these factors are said to work synergistically to promote fat burning.

It is said that you derive the greatest benefits from green tea by taking green tea in pill form. These pills contain a concentrated form of the important compounds found in green tea, and can contain between 300-700 milligrams of EGCG. There are many products available in stores, so read the packages carefully to ensure the pills actually contain a certified source of EGCG. While green tea itself is considered to be quite safe, you should always stick to the recommended dosage information.

How To Treat With Arm Tendonitis

Some of the people have pain from there shoulder to there wrist. Occasionally these people end up through tendonitis in there forearm. They might have hurted there armrest while picking up a weighty thing or else it might have occurred gradually in due course. What will happen when arm tendonitis will occur? The arm of the infected peoples will become stinging and swollen and it is tough for them to do the everyday actions. People suffering arm tendonitis will repair gradually.

A large number of people that commences a work out curriculum tend to carry too distant at the first day. They disregard that there ligaments and muscles in the arms and forearms have not toughened in due course. Lacking of appropriate extending (stretching) earlier to the commencement of work out curriculum, arm tendonitis may effect. Arm tendonitis indications can be firmness, ache and swelling after work out. You can also have ache at nighttime when trying to stretch out on your side.

What occurs when the arm is inflamed and aching, if you carry on with it this will only make the circumstance shoddier. You should need to have an individual psychoanalyst or a trainer and having them will help you complex a plan to build up the muscles and ligaments eventually. Mounting the arm power will avoid tendonitis in the arm.

Home medication-A home medication for tendonitis is ice and ache relievers which will aid with the ache in the short-range. In the long term you have to increase the strength of the arm to fight against tendonitis. If you are practicing a lot of inflammation and soreness, you can also try an anti-inflammatory medicine to decrease the inflammation. The pain will go down with the inflammation going down. If the correct measures are not taken then Arm tendonitis gives the impression to occur again and again .The long term prevention will come with the correct workout and exercises. Prevention of arm tendonitis is the correct option.

Surgical procedure-If the tendons splits or get harshly injured then surgical procedure is very essential. What is necessary is just a small cut and the general practitioner can build up the maintenance to the tendon. After the surgical procedure and some healing time, you can begin rehab for the arm tendonitis. It might surely take some time, but doing it accurately will help you to make full use and mobility of arm again.

Could Exercise Really Help To Protect Against Skin Cancer?

The benefits of exercise to the skin have become more and more apparent over the past couple of years. It has been established that exercise provides great benefits in ways there were not ever thought of. When combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise can dramatically help to produce healthy, glowing skin.

However, not only can exercise help with a glowing complexion, it has also been proven to dramatically cut the risk of skin cancer. With skin cancer being such a massive threat these days, anything that can seriously cut the risk of developing it is definitely a positive thing!

Exercise and Skin Cancer:

The tests that were done to prove the link between exercise and skin cancer, were carried out on mice. It was shown that mice who had exercise wheels, and who were exposed to ultra violet light, had a reduced chance of developing tumours than those who did not have a wheel. This does not mean that they did not develop the cancer; it just took longer exposure for them to actually get it.

It is thought that the results are the same with humans, only obviously we wear sunscreen to protect ourselves so we have even less risk of developing the cancer if we exercise and protect ourselves. It is thought that the less fat we have in our body, the less chance we have of developing the cancer.

Although the tests have shown that the mice fought off the cancer for longer, scientists have yet to discover what it is exactly that helps fight it. It seems that the mice were able to destroy the skin cells which had been damaged by the sun’s UV rays once they had undertaken regular exercise, and now the challenge the scientists face, is finding out exactly what it is that helps fight the effects of the rays.

It is obviously better for the body all around if you keep it fit and healthy. Being overweight can really put a real strain on the body, and you are generally more likely to be unhealthy if you are overweight, than if you were the right weight for your height. This means that if we exercise and control our weight, our bodies will be healthier and they will help us to fight off more illnesses, such as skin cancer, than we could if we were overweight.

So there are serious links with exercise and the reduction of skin cancer, but what is the best exercise to participate in?

The Best Types of Exercise:

Generally any exercise is good, but there are some that are better than others. Walking may be considered to be one of the best methods of exercise as it is the easiest to do, but some experts argue that walking is just not enough to provide the best results. However, if you power walk then you are going to achieve better results than slow walking!

Anything that gets the heart rate going and that makes you sweat is definitely the best type of exercise that you can do. Never try and do too much however, you should only go at a pace which you can handle and which is right for you, otherwise you could end up doing more harm than good.

So, whether you want to do jogging, horse riding, swimming or aerobics, as long as it gets your heart rate going, it is doing you some good. Aim to do at least thirty minutes each day, that way you will get the best possible results for you. You should notice that your skin starts to look a little clearer and that you feel more energized after around a week.

Overall, any exercise you choose to do will benefit the skin and help you to fight off skin cancer cells. Keeping yourself fit and healthy has never been as easy as it is today so there really is no excuse!

Combat Conditioning – How To Get Ripped Using Only Your Body Weight

A series of high intensity exercises done primarily with the aid of your body weight is called as combat conditioning. These exercises involve doing a multiple number of sit ups and other physically intense exercises using no additional equipment but simply your own weight.

There are many advantages to following a weight program that is based on combat conditioning. For starters, you are not investing much money in doing these exercises – it is probably the cheapest way to do your exercises.

The exercises in this kind of method focus on overall physical development. In addition to being intensive, they are also known to be highly effective and require a lot of effort to get the job done.

These exercises are not like the typical over hyped exercises that are advertised in the media. They are not in mainstream because it is not designed for weight loss as a primary goal; it is one of the side benefits.

The main advantage, however, is the fact that you get an army ready body that is tuned to handle some harsh environments.

The exercises stress on the fitness factor and encourage you to use your body weight to get fit in the end. This gives the flexibility while at the same time condition your body. Thus, there are dual advantages to doing these exercises.

Additionally, you need to increase the intensity of your workout when you are following one of these programs.

This is important because if your body is accustomed to the same exercise levels then there will not be any muscle growth and consequently, your body will stay the same.

If you do your research, you will come across a number of programs that are based on combat conditioning.

P90X is one such program which is known to use these techniques. Consider following them if strength training is one of your objectives.

Exercises For Abs – Visualization A Technique That Keeps You Motivated

Visualization is a tool which you can easily learn and apply daily. Find a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine a body you want to have. Don’t rush. Take your time and enjoy what you see. Imagine how you would feel, other people reactions and, especially, the joy. Once you have your image ready you can go back to it every time you want regardless the place. My advice is to use this technique as often as possible but at least twice a day. Let it be the first thing you do after you wake up and the last thing before you fall asleep.

The important thing you need to be aware of is the fact that visualization can be a double edge sword. If the image you created is corrupted in any way it can lead to a disaster or at least you not achieving anything. If everyone around keeps saying that you will never have a six pack because of whatever reason and you let them affect the image in your mind you have already failed. One of the ways to deal with this kind of situation is to go back to your original picture of your body and the feelings you originally felt.

If you have problems creating a dream body image in your mind there is another technique which will help. Create a poster from a magazine. It’s simple as that. You just pick a picture of a body you like, cut off the face and paste your own. Next, place the poster in the place you can easily see it everyday. In fact this technique is even more powerful than simple visualization as it involves physical tasks. You probably noticed that when you physically do something you remember it for a long time.

As you can see now it’s very simple tool to apply and follow. But you won’t get dreamed six pack if you just keep imagining it. Visualization is a very powerful technique that keeps you motivated and helps you focus on your goal but on it’s owns it won’t change your body. Only hard, consistent work can do it.

To your success!

Starting An Exercise Program

You know you need to exercise but have no idea how to start. What exercises will work the best for you? How much physical movement do you need? How do you find the time in your busy schedule to start an exercise routine?

If you have been inactive for a long time, consult with your doctor before you attempt any exercise program. Set a practical, sensible goal, one that is reachable for you. If you cannot exercise every day, do not worry, any physical movement is better than none and will benefit your body.


How much exercise is reasonable and how much do you need? A good goal for most people is to exercise at least every other day and spend at least 30-60 minutes doing it. However, if you are just starting out, DO NOT attempt 30-60 minutes.


Start out slowly! You cannot expect to easily workout for 60 minutes if you have lived a sedentary lifestyle for a long time. Begin with 10 minutes of light exercise or vigorous walking every day and gradually increase the intensity and length of your workout.


During the course of your day, there are a number of tricky ways to incorporate some exercise into your routine.

*Walk or bicycle to work.

*Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

*Take a walk on your lunch or coffee break.

*Get up and walk around your desk or office every 30 minutes.

*Do your housework at a rapid pace.

*Do yard or garden work (raking, mowing, tilling, planting, etc.)


How do you keep from getting bored and frustrated with your exercise routine? The tips below may help you stick with it:

*Make your exercising more fun by incorporating some enjoyable activities into your routine. Read, watch TV, or listen to music while you are riding a stationary bicycle.

*Learn how to dance.

*Learn how to play a sport.

*Choose something you take pleasure in doing. For instance, roller skating or inline staking is excellent exercise and a lot of fun.

*If you decide to walk every day, find a partner to go with you. Having someone to talk to can make the time go faster and make the experience more enjoyable all around.

*Change your routine. If you get bored easily, do different activities on different days. Walk one day, ride your bike the next day. Play basketball one day, dance the next day. You get the idea.

*Choose a time of the day that works best for you. Do not exercise too soon after eating.

*Try not to get discouraged. It can take weeks before you notice changes in your body. It will happen and it will benefit your body in so many ways.

Remember, do not give up. The key to beginning a successful exercise program is to start slowly and sensibly. Try to find creative and appealing ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine.

Current Review Facts of Fitness Clubs in Vancouver

The current societies are more conscious today in terms of their career, living standard, health and complete fitness. They make the best use of the opportunities available to gain results in terms of Health and Fitness, The presence of Professional Health Clubs in Vancouver, have given people the structure of achieving their Fitness Goals.

When we look at the surveys and review reports, individuals are realizing the importance and the significant role leading Health Clubs have in enhancing the physical accord, employment rates and complete fitness of individuals in the Vancouver area.. We will learn more about this by going through this article, discussed in the points below.

Unique Reasons

According to experts in the Fitness Industry, individuals join a Professional Gym for unique reasons. Some join to maintain their Physical Fitness by going through a range of exercise options including Hot Yoga, Aerobics, Hatha Yoga etc. in the Langley area. It is also a fact that some people turn to the gyms for their specific fitness goals like gaining muscles, losing fat or to gain stamina for a certain kind of marathon etc.

Among a range of exercise options and reasons to go to the Health Clubs, the Personal Training is found to be more beneficial for individuals. The training here is more popular because the training plans are prepared for you individually, while considering different aspects which are unique concerning flexibility, exercise choice, age, gender, fitness goals and overall health conditions.

Contribution in Economy

According to review reports, it is a fact that the Fitness Industry with Gyms is a major component contributing to enhancing the nation’s economy. Since the 1990’s, healthcare is growing with an impressive compound rate of 20%. Considering this, one can easily imagine the total economic value of the sector. Marketing is gaining attention to the populace by introducing membership and diverse Fitness Programs to match unique needs of all individuals.


With reference to the current reviews of performance and success rates of Health Clubs in Vancouver, the Gyms have become a source of motivation for different age groups. Researchers believe that it is the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that empowers the enjoyment and engagement factors of individuals to go to Gyms regularly. And it matters a lot to remain motivated for all kinds of activities including group classes, aerobics, yoga, personal training and so on.

From the above discussions, it can be said that the Professional Fitness Clubs in Vancouver are of high importance to maintain the physical and economical accord of the region.

Ways To Get More Exercise: For Those Who Are Active

If you already have a fairly active lifestyle but would like to do more exercise, great! It?s likely that your fitness levels are already quite high. If time is your limiting factor, you can be creative about working more exercise into your daily routine.

First, actually scheduling time into you day to do your exercise is important. Too often, exercise is the first casualty in a busy schedule. If you treat your exercise like an important meeting that cannot be re-scheduled or interrupted, you will get a chance to do it and get into a regular routine. organizing to meet a friend is a good way to ensure that you actually do the exercise. Knowing that you will let your friend down if you don?t go is often the additional motivation you need to get out there and just do it!

Do you drive to work? Chances are that if you work in a city office block, traffic will be congested and you may be able to get to work in a similar time by jogging, walking or riding your bike. If doing the school drop off is what?s keeping you from fitting in your run before work, group together with a group of other parents and organize a carpool. This way, you will have one or two more free mornings or afternoons to slot in some time at the gym, or to get out and play sport. If you catch public transport to work, jump off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. Just 15 minutes more each way gives you your total recommended exercise for the day!

If you have children, putting them in a stroller and going for a walk can be a great way of keeping them entertained and giving you some additional exercise. Getting involved in your children?s activities is another way to maximize your exercise time and also to bond with them. Join them in a game of tag, or jump with them on the trampoline. You?ll be having so much fun that you won?t even remember that you?re exercising!

Incorporating more exercise into your day does not have to be difficult. Small bouts of activity frequently add up to a significant amount of exercise by the end of the day. You owe it to yourself to exercise and stay healthy.